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Easy woodworking projects for beginners

Working with wood is a well-paying profession for those looking to enter an interesting and satisfying line of work. To get into this field, carpentry and woodworking courses can be perfect for people who wish to hone their skills for personal or professional use. Apart from courses, interested individuals can also attend carpentry DIY workshops to explore techniques and gain hands-on experience with carpentry tools and equipment. Here are some easy woodworking DIY projects.

Porch/garden table
You will need a drill bit and a saw to complete this project. Apart from those tools, you will also need stain/paint, screws, sandpaper, and lumber.

Online courses on crafting a porch or garden table generally are about two to three hours long. The process involves making basic cuts and adding screws to the wooden pieces, making this a rather easy project for first-time woodworkers.

Before selling the porch to prospective buyers, one can try using it for a few days to check its durability and effectiveness.

Simple wall shelf
Wall shelves are among the most common things up-and-coming carpenters work on to learn and perfect their craft. Making a shelf like this does not take excess physical labor. The risk of injuries is lesser as well. The tools needed to create a top-notch wall shelf include a drill, reciprocating saw, a handsaw, an orbital sander, and a paintbrush.

The most complicated step while creating a wall shelf is the cutting of the pallet. Apart from that, the other steps include screwing the wood pieces into place and then refining the piece. The wood and other materials required include a pallet, sandpaper, a 1/8″ drill bit, a 5/8″ wood screw, and paint/stain.

Garden trellis
A trellis of this kind facilitates the growth of plenty of climbing plants such as vines and roses. This gives any garden a nice old-world grace. A few metallic stands and some wooden pieces are needed to construct this garden trellis. Eventually, the wood in a mixed-medium trellis turns gray, while the metal (usually copper) develops a beautiful green film.

All in all, this is an attractive and easy initial woodworking project for beginner carpenters.

Wooden media box
A media box is needed to house television sets and other electronic media equipment. Creating a wooden media box can also be a good place to start for woodworkers.

All one needs to make this are two clamps and a saw to cut the wood according to the suitable size. Carpentry DIY workshops online or carpentry and woodworking courses often teach the procedure to make media boxes. The materials used in making this are three pieces of any kind of wood, wood glue, a clear spray finish, and a sanding block.

Woodworking and carpentry are terms that are often used interchangeably. But there are differences between the two. While wood working is associated with making items from wood, carpentry is all about repairing, installing, and creating wooden items.

Types of carpentry
Carpentry services can be classified into multiple types. Each kind of woodworker uses some unique elements in their carpentry services. Some of the main ones are listed below.

Rough carpentry
These kinds of carpenters carry out planning, execution of building plans, and maintenance of building structures. Generally, these carpenters do not build home-based pieces such as shelves or cupboards. Instead, they focus their expertise on building the roofing, framing, and wooden equipment that does not need polishing. Their carpentry is all about saving costs and enhancing the structural integrity of wooden items. Rough carpentry involves the speedy assembly of parts like beams, rafters, and posts.

Cabinet carpentry
As the name implies, cabinet carpenters build household items that refine and enhance the look indoors. While they may build other things too, cabinets are their area of expertise. These carpenters build kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets, as well as bathroom cabinets.

Ship carpentry
This kind of carpentry deals with shipbuilding. These experts are usually asked to build replicas of previously built ships, as well as ship portions for massive freight ships and cruise liners. This is known to be a rare type of carpentry service.