All one needs to know about professional pest control services Home & Garden

All one needs to know about professional pest control services

Pests can take over your home, cause damage to your furniture, and even compromise the hygiene and health of everyone in your home. Small pest infestations can be tackled with over-the-counter sprays and remedies. But, as the infestation progresses and gets worse, you will need to seek the help of a professional pest control company. Here is an overview of the costs involved, services you should look for, and tips to choose the right company.


The cost of pest control services will depend on the kind of service that you are opting for. There are two main types of pest control services: one-time services and ongoing services.

The typical price for a one-time service is roughly $250 to $600. Here, the average costs will depend on what kind of pest control you opt for. The cost of one-time pest control is usually a lot higher than the cost of ongoing pest control. This is because the company will have to do a complete investigation to find the source of the pests and diagnose the issue. Only after this will they be able to do the treatment. Due to this, most cases of one-time treatments do not occur at one time. There may be multiple visits needed to eliminate the pests.

On-going treatments, on the other hand, cost a lot less. The average rate of a monthly visit is anywhere between $45 to $75 and the quarterly rate is roughly $100 to $300. Note that the cost will vary based on the type of pests in the space and the amount of infestation that has occurred.

Services provided by pest control companies

Pest control companies do more than just eradicate pests from your home or office; they offer a wide range of services such as:

Inspection of the space

One of the most crucial services offered by a pest control company is the inspection of the space. This allows the company to understand what kind of pest you have and build a treatment plan to tackle the issue at hand. It also helps them understand the amount of infestation involved.

Developing treatment plans

Once the company knows what the issue is, they focus on creating a plan of treatment. This is done once the inspection is complete. They decide on the chemicals and methods that they will use to remove the pests based on the level of infestation. At this point, they will also determine if one session or more will be required. They will also tell you the costs involved at this stage.

Protection against future infections

Many companies eradicate pests and work on preventing infestations in the future. They may set up a plan on how frequently pest control needs to take place and even do treatments that can prevent infestations in the future.

Tips to choose the right pest control company

Before you decide on the kind of service you need, you would need to choose the right company. You can start by keeping in mind what kind of service that you are looking for. Do you need to tackle a specific issue, or do you want a package that covers the common household variety of pests?

Research the companies that offer the kind of pest control that you want. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a company is the cost. Keep a budget in mind, ask around, and take several quotes to find one that fits into your budget. Don’t forget to pay heed to the service guarantee where you get a refund or a re-do if your problems have not been solved.

If you’re looking for pest control, some of the top companies to consider include Hawx, Orkin, Terminix, and Aptive Environmental.