6 scenarios where tree removal is the right choice Home & Garden

6 scenarios where tree removal is the right choice

If you have a yard, you know that having trees makes the place look better. Moreover, who doesn’t love helping the environment? However, sometimes there comes a time when a tree could be a hindrance or obstacle. In such a case, it is an inevitable decision. If its presence poses a threat, the decision has to be made. This article talks about some of the reasons that make tree removal a necessity.

Close to the power line

Trees make a great addition to the front and back yards. However, they also involve a lot of responsibility. Taking care of these trees is a crucial job and not something that can be overlooked for long. It is ideal for the tree to be at a safe distance from any and everything. Although if they grow and are in close proximity of something, trimming them is the right thing to do. In case the tree is extremely close to the power cables in your area, having the tree removed is the right choice. Trees close to the power lines can turn into fire hazards and put your whole community at risk. It is even better to get the job done by tree removal professionals, as they will know what to expect and be prepared for it.

Dead tree

A dead tree is an aesthetically unpleasant scene to have on your property. Plus, the looming danger to life and property is always present. There is no telling when the tree or one of its branches give way and fall off, causing damage. The tree might be standing tall and holding its own for now, but if it is already dead, it won’t be long till it leads to a mishap. It poses a greater danger if you or the members of your family enjoy yard time. To ensure that you avoid accidents at all costs, get in touch with professional tree removal services and take care of the dead tree at the earliest.

Redesigning of landscape

If you are planning on redesigning your landscape, your trees may or may not fit the new ideas you have. That is not to say that tree removal is your only option. You can choose to trim your trees. If not, you must call in tree removal services for professional quality work. Professionals will be able to do the job more efficiently and ensure that the post-cleaning process is easy and taken care of. But before you place that call, make sure that your decision is final. Once out, you won’t be able to go back to having the tree in your yard.

Risk to property

It is pleasant to have trees on your property for multiple reasons. It adds to your landscape and can also give you an option to incorporate it into your yard decor. They provide shade from the sun and some protection from the rain. However, there is a possibility of these trees causing damage to property if they start growing inwards. The growing branches can cause blockage to your house’s gutters, smash your roofs and window panes, or enter the inside of the house. Additionally, the ever-increasing roots can cause problems for the house’s structure. If the roots start growing under the house, they can cause structural damage by interfering with the foundation of the house. This can cause weakening of the flooring and might even result in graver damage in case of storms.


Trees that grow on your property are your responsibility. As a general rule, if the said tree causes any damage to property or life, it will be your liability. The only way to prevent this is to ensure daily care of the trees on your property. Maintenance can be taken up to a certain point; however, it is better to get them removed when trees have grown beyond a point. Harsh weather conditions, tree damage, and weakening of roots can lead to mishaps caused by the tree or one of its heavy branches. This can put you, your family, neighbors, and/or passersby at risk. Therefore, tree removal is the right plan of action for bigger trees.

Emergency response

As discussed above, numerous reasons can be at play when it comes to damage caused by trees. Foul weather like storms can cause trees to fall over. This can lead to property damage, roadblocks, or other accidents. An aging tree progressively grows weaker and poses the threat of keeling over at any given time. If this happens suddenly, it can lead to emergencies to save anyone trapped in the accident. Tree removal also helps avoid such emergency response scenarios and prevent increased liability.