A definitive guide to buying repo trucks Vehicles

A definitive guide to buying repo trucks

A repo truck is often one of the most important components of a repossession company. But choosing one is quite difficult. One has to consider a lot of factors before putting in money, this includes its features, to help one choose the best option. Furthermore, if one is starting a business or just adding another truck to their fleet, choosing the right model is essential to ensure success.

Understanding repo trucks – GVWR
To buy the best repo truck, one must understand its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). It is often the most important consideration during the buying process and is the weight the manufacturer designates as safe for the truck’s operation. This ensures the vehicle possesses the power to tow other vehicles and safety during the process.

Features of repo trucks
Due to its importance in a repo business, choosing the right repo truck becomes crucial. Hence, here are some of the most important features to look out for:

Towing capacity
The most significant feature of a repo truck is its towing capacity. Every truck has a different towing capacity, and some trucks are built to tow heavier vehicles, such as tractors, trucks, and trailers. One must also consider the fact that the towing capacity of the truck must be higher than its weight, ensuring the safety of the repo truck and the vehicle being towed.

Chassis design
The chassis design is also one of the most important factors to be considered during the buying process. It is the internal body frame of the truck that supports the vehicle. Moreover, it also shapes the vehicle’s base and aids it in improving strength. While buying, one should also consider a truck whose frame and body are joined together. This ensures strength and allows the repo truck to tow more weight with lesser effort.

Size of the engine and its power
The engine and transmission capacity of a repo truck plays a major role in determining the towing capacity of the truck. Small-sized trucks usually support a 4-cylinder V6 engine, bigger ones support a wide variety of v6 engines, and heavy lifters support V8 engines. Hence, one must be sure of the towing capacity needed to buy the best repo truck model that encompasses all their needs.

Wheelbase distance
The wheelbase distance of a repo truck calculates the distance between the front wheel axis and the rear wheels. This plays an important role, as the wheelbase distance must be adequately balanced to determine the weight that can be distributed or carried on the front or rear axis. In cases where the wheelbase distance is not correctly balanced, the repo truck may not be able to tow safely.

Choosing the correct repo truck model – Gas or diesel
Even though GVWR is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a repo truck, one must also consider a choice between diesel repo trucks and gas.

Diesel repo trucks
Diesel trucks may have been perceived as the best to tow, but that doesn’t always ensure they are the right choice. Diesel repo trucks possess more power. They have more torque which can be used to haul heavy loads. Furthermore, diesel tanks are usually larger and are ideal for repossession work. This guarantees that one may not have to stop to fuel up often. But in most cases, a diesel repo truck may make a lot of noise which becomes unsuitable for a covert repossession job.

Gas repo trucks
A standard gas repo truck may not be one of the favorites, but they offer all the capabilities needed at a lower price. Further, these trucks are usually considerably quieter, which is immensely helpful when picking up vehicles without much disturbance. However, in most cases, their tank sizes are smaller and hence possess lesser power when compared to a diesel repo truck.

The features and factors mentioned above are often the building blocks of a good truck. When buying repo trucks, one can either buy used ones capable of hauling loads or contact the nearest dealer to buy a new one.