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How to pick the right window blinds and shutters

If you have ever gone out to buy window blinds and shutters for your home, you would know that there is a wide range available, and it can get overwhelming to know which one is right for you. Getting the right window blinds and shutters that are stylish and help you maintain privacy can be difficult if you are not aware of the dos and don’ts. So, to make the process of buying the right window treatment for your home, here are some tips.

Picking the right style
If you have plain interiors and twin windows, matching striped Roman blinds should be your pick. They are hung above the window frame. When folded, they leave the windows completely uncovered, which allows maximum penetration of light into the room. If you have a pale room, blinds and shutters with floral print will make your room look alive. These roller blinds are made of lightweight fabric, which leaves the room bright even when the blinds are lowered. If you are looking for blinds to cover windows in the living area, going for slatted or Venetian blinds will be better. They are also good for kitchens and bathrooms.

A bright room Vs. privacy
Before you go out to buy window blinds and shutters, you must make up your mind about how you want your room to be. Window blinds usually have a tilt which allows them to let the sun come in and also to keep the sunlight out. Once you have closed the blinds, the light will not be able to penetrate through your window. Window shades also come in a fabric option. These give you more control over the adjustment of the brightness in the room.

Coordinate blinds with curtains
When buying blinds for your home, it is a common mistake to forget about your curtains. But that is not the right way to go about it. When you combine curtains with blinds, you get more flexibility. You can keep the light when you want it and also provide insulation to draughty windows. Coordinate the blinds with your curtains or combine them using designs (plain or patterns). Alternatively, you could also go for color combinations to suit your interiors.

Consider your budget
With so many beautiful and stylish options available in the market, you may end up going overboard and exceeding your budget. So, understanding and remembering your budget plays a crucial role. Are you getting treatments for just one window or windows of the entire house? If you are getting all the windows, you might want to spend some extra money on certain windows while saving some money on others. Also, it would help if you remembered that window treatments for large windows would cost more. So, it would help if you prepared your budgets accordingly. In addition to this, if you are getting customized sizes or buying some special fabrics, features, or patterns, it will add up to the entire procedure cost.

Don’t overlook the maintenance of the blinds
Although you do not need any professional help to keep your window blinds and shutters clean, they need regular cleaning since they can attract a lot of dust. You will have to keep a special duster handy to keep cleaning the blinds time to time. If you have shades made of fabrics and weaves, they will hide the dust better. But cleaning these can be a little more difficult than the others. Using a vacuum cleaner can be a good idea. However, if thorough cleaning is required, you might have to get some professional help.