8 must-try Moscow mule recipes food

8 must-try Moscow mule recipes

The classic Moscow mule invented in the 1940s is made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The vodka buck, as it’s known sometimes, is served in a copper mug and garnished with a wedge of lime. It’s a hit among the masses and for reasons galore. The crackling chill, spicy gingery aroma, and citrusy taste all add to its allure. Of course, quite a few variations of the drink have emerged since its invention.

If you are a Moscow mule fan, here are a few variations you can try out to zhuzh up the classic drink:

Classic Moscow mule
The classic Moscow mule is a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink traditionally served in a copper mug. It has a strong and spicy flavor, with its main ingredients being ginger beer and vodka, with a hint of lemon. Combine them all in the mug with the amount of ice you prefer, and you are all ready to serve and sip.

Kentucky mule
Looking for ways to spruce up your regular old sip of bourbon? We might have just the right cocktail recipe for you. The Kentucky mule lets go of the vodka in the classic Moscow Mule recipe and replaces it with bourbon. Voila! You have got a whole new cocktail at your disposal. The drink combines the zing of lime, the bubbly ginger beer, and the spices of whiskey, bringing forth an irresistible drink you would want second or third helpings of.

Dark and stormy
While dark and stormy sounds like a bad weather night or the introduction of a sinister antagonist in the world of fiction, it also makes the drink sound all the more tempting. The drink is an instant hit with most who taste it, and the earthy flavor and notes of vanilla in the rum make the spices of the ginger beer and its bubbliness more apparent. And since there is no limit on the amount of lime you can add, go all out! Another difference in the dark and stormy, as opposed to the other mule drinks, is that this one comes in a highball glass instead of a copper mug.

Mexican mule
Which is the one liquor that always needs you to chase it down with some lime? Now that you have a hint about which direction we are headed let’s talk a little, or a lot, about the tequila version of the mule drink. If bold drinks are your drinks of choice, this might appeal to you. The cocktail packs the bite of tequila with the zinginess of lime, topped with the spiciness of the bubbly ginger beer. You might even end up liking this one better than the classic vodka recipe.

Gin gin mule
If one thing pairs well with lemon and ginger, it is mint. Seriously, the three together never fail to satiate taste buds and bring a burst of flavor. Think of the gin gin mule as a flavorful mixture of the classic Moscow mule and a mojito. The lime and bubbly beer perfectly balance out the sweetness of the mojito with the refreshing mint. If you want to skip the sweet part, you can swap out vodka from the classic mule drink and substitute it with gin instead.

Cider mule
The Moscow mule has more than a handful of variations, making it challenging to choose which one you would want to try next. If you are one of those who love fall time and flavors, we suggest you give the cider mule a try. You might end up liking it more than the original recipe. You can use this bubbly apple and ginger cocktail to comfort yourself or entertain guests.

Watermelon mule
Want a more fruity concoction to saturate your taste buds? Try out the watermelon mule. This is a refreshing cocktail with some light essence of watermelon. The deviation from the classic Moscow mule is that this recipe switches lemon with a dash of watermelon juice. The result is a hint of sweetness from the watermelon juice and spice from the ginger beer. Of course, the strong punch from the vodka adds to its strong flavor.

Irish mule
There are only a handful of people who do not savor the taste of Irish whiskey. The malty drink with slightly sweet notes is a hit among many. This Moscow mule variation uses Irish whiskey and is an excellent drink for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Just like the other mule recipes, this one requires no mixing or shaking; simply pour out the ingredients in a mug, add some ice, and you are ready to drink the delightful concoction. However, some suggest swapping out the commonly used bubbly ginger beer with a dry one so that the drink is not overpoweringly sweet. This drink is also a great alternative for fans of the Kentucky mule.