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Top 8 building material companies in the world

The construction industry is one of the few that has been growing exponentially. The increasing demand for commercial buildings, infrastructures, and housing has driven this growth of the global building materials and consumables industry. Subsequently, this has led to the growth of certain building materials suppliers and construction companies as leaders in this industry. These are the world’s top building materials companies, significantly contributing to the global construction sector. So let’s have a look.

Saint Gobain
Based in France, Saint Gobain is one of the world’s most significant building materials and consumables companies. The company designs, manufactures, and supplies different types of building materials and solutions for industrial applications and building construction. They are popularly known all over the globe for their brand of Saint-Gobain Glass. Other well-known brands include Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, British Gypsum, Weber, and Glassolutions. Moreover, Saint-Gobain is known to offer integrated solutions for renovating private buildings.

Heidelberg Cement
With headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, Heidelberg Cement is one of the leading suppliers of building materials and construction equipment. The company is globally revered for being one of the largest suppliers of cement, ready-mixed concrete, and aggregates. The company is operational across five continents in over 50 countries. It is involved in more than 300 production sites and construction jobs in the world, including the construction of homes, commercial structures, industrial facilities, and infrastructure.

One of the leading steel manufacturers globally, ArcelorMittal is headquartered in Luxembourg City. The company has been reported to generate approximately $56 billion in annual revenues. Moreover, crude steel production is reportedly over 90 million tonnes annually, making the company one of the largest steel suppliers globally. Some of its essential building materials and consumables are long and flat-rolled steel, tubular products, automotive steel, and high-strength steel for building and construction purposes.

With headquarters in Chicago, USG Corporation is one of the world’s most prominent building materials companies. They are a leading supplier of site consumables such as drywall and joint compound. Moreover, the company is a significant supplier of wallboard across the country and is also known as one of the leading manufacturers of gypsum products all over North America. Some of its primary building materials and consumables include products for constructing and building ceilings, walls, sheathing, roofing, and floors.

CSR Limited
Based in Australia, CSR Limited specializes in producing several site consumables and building materials for constructing commercial buildings and homes, such as plasterboard, insulation, aluminum products, and bricks. The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of fiber cement sheeting, glass, and aerated concrete products. CSR operations work through well-known brands in the building and construction industry, such as Bradford, AFS, and Himmel.

Huttig Building Products
Huttig Building was initially established as Gray & Holekamp in 1879 and started as a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of doors and sashes. Currently, the company is a leading distributor of building materials and consumables required for the repair and construction of houses and building structures. While the company has branched out to offer other building construction materials, it continues to offer its vital product- doors. Other major product offerings include roofing materials and wood products such as lumber.

Granite Construction Incorporated
Based in California, Granite Construction Incorporated is one of the most significant building materials and consumables companies. The company has led the market in offering building materials and site consumables for significant infrastructure projects. Moreover, the company has two major regional divisions that offer services for construction projects in industries such as transportation and infrastructure.

RPM International Inc
RPM International Inc is one of the major companies that offer products for professional builders and those involved in various construction jobs. These are top-notch products that are used in construction. From houses to infrastructure, RPM’s brands are available across four primary segments: construction products, consumer products, specialty products, and performance coatings.

The accelerating adoption of new technologies has significantly contributed to global construction trends. This leads to more companies offering construction sites new materials and intelligent building block techniques. Moreover, these new materials will further enhance the products’ performance and cost-effectiveness, facilitating the future growth of construction materials.