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4 tips to help one learn boxing

Boxing is a very popular combat sport. And while the idea of constantly throwing punches or being punched isn’t universally appealing, there’s a lot more to the game, like tactics and endurance building, that makes it so enjoyable. If you’ve considered the sport as a hobby or profession, you ought to know that it isn’t simply about stepping into the ring—on that note, here are some tips to help you begin your boxing journey.

Sign up for online or offline introductory boxing tutorials
When deciding to take up boxing, you could learn a couple of basics by signing up for boxing tutorials. Doing so could help with a little practice and learning the fundamentals of the sport. The tutorials could teach you about aspects, including proper stance, how to throw a jab or a cross, and the type of gear you need.

Attend boxing classes
While tutorials may help you know the basics about boxing, you will need to go for classes at a gym to learn the sport better. At the gym, you should also work with an experienced coach to help you improve your physique. Remember that while boxing can be fun, it may result in injuries, so hiring a coach could help ensure maximum safety, especially if you’re starting to learn the sport.

Get appropriate boxing equipment
Whether you join the gym or not, you should buy the appropriate equipment to get started with the sport. One of the first things you’d want to pick is a punching bag for daily practice and training. You could choose from two options, including a hanging bag, which is ideal for footwork and preferred for training. Another option is a free-standing bag, which is easy to move around and more cost-effective than its hanging counterpart. You will also need other equipment, such as boxing gloves, boxing shoes, hand wraps for extra support under the gloves, and headgear to prevent injuries like scrapes, bruises, and cuts. A mouthguard could also help protect the teeth during a match.

Get licensed
If you want to participate in amateur or professional boxing matches, you will have to obtain a boxing license. There are a common set of licensing requirements, which may differ from one state to another.

You need to pass a standard physical examination, which includes filling up several forms, including USA Boxing’s form.
You will also need to submit an application form and pay a fee. The amount may differ by organization, but it typically ranges between $20 to $100. You should note that a license in one state may or may not be valid in another state based on their current regulations.
Passing a health test is also mandatory for some licensing organizations and most major sanctioned events at both the amateur and professional levels.

While amateur or professional boxing is one way to further one’s career in the sport, you could also consider taking up the job of a coach. A prospective coach should be at least 18 years old and receive certification for Level 1 through Level 3 coaching through local centers and USA Boxing offices. For Level 4 coaching, one must be certified by the National USA Boxing Office. Certification may depend on the level at which the coach is working. A higher level usually features more rigorous and thorough training. Furthermore, certification is valid for 24 months before it needs to be renewed.