Top 5 credit card rewards finance

Top 5 credit card rewards

Credit card rewards have always been sought after by cardholders. Usually, these rewards come in two categories: cashback rewards and points or miles rewards. With cashback cards, you can earn back a percentage of the money you spend on various transactions. On the other hand, you can book flights, get great deals on airlines, and book hotels or vacations using reward points or miles. Whatever credit card rewards you desire depends largely on what you value more and where you spend more of your money.

Here is a list of five credit cards that offer the best credit card rewards.

Best Travel Rewards- Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
Here is a card that has an easy usage and redemption policy. You earn unlimited 2 miles per dollar spent on all purchases. You can use these miles to book your travel and with more than 15 travel partners. There is a great sign-up bonus where you can earn 100,000 miles if you spend USD 20,000 in the first months of opening your account. If that’s a lot, you can also earn 50,000 miles for USD 3,000 if you spend it in the first three months. All these rewards make it a popular choice among individuals who travel internationally and frequently. There is an annual fee of USD 95.

Best Family Cashback Card- Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express
If you’re looking at a card that rewards you for spending considerably on commuting, gas, groceries, or streaming, this is the perfect choice. You earn 6% cashback up to USD 6,000 in a year at supermarkets. And this is one of the best cashback offers in the industry. Moreover, there is a cashback of 1%. You also earn 3% cashback at gas stations, buses, taxis, trains, tolls, and parking. The annual fee of USD 95 is applicable from the second year, which you can redeem if you spend enough at supermarkets.

Best For Dining Out- American Express Gold Card
If you’re a foodie and love eating out, here is a card that offers incredible credit card rewards. You earn 4X points on eating out, including takeaways and deliveries, and on shopping at supermarkets up to USD 25,000 in a calendar year. If you spend USD 4,000 in the first six months, you also get a bonus of 60,000 points! In addition, you get 3X points on flights that you book through Amex travel. However, this might be exclusive and not enthuse everyone. There is a sizeable annual fee of USD 250.

Best Cashback Rewards- Citi Double Cash Card
The Citi Double Cash Card is ideal for someone who spends on general purchases every day and would like good credit card rewards in return. Firstly, it charges no annual fee. Secondly, it gives you 2% cashback on every purchase. You get 1% when you buy and the other 1% when you pay off. You also have the option of converting your rewards to Thank You points using an eligible card. While there is no annual fee, the card also doesn’t offer a welcome bonus.

Best Entertainment Rewards- CapitalOne SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
This is one of the best credit cards for rewards in categories of dining, entertainment, and groceries. The CapitalOne Savor One card offers unlimited 3% cashback on all the above-mentioned categories and streaming services, and other entertainment. Not to mention, it charges no annual fee.