Top 5 charities one can donate to Society

Top 5 charities one can donate to

Millions of children and adults worldwide don’t have access to two square meals daily, but individuals often still have reservations about donating. One of the primary reasons for the same is the lack of transparency from nonprofits, while another is that people have issues with how the charity organizes itself and spends the funds. Therefore, to help you decide the legitimacy of organizations, we’ve rounded a list of the top five charities to note.

Direct Relief®
DirectRelief® works in the country and internationally to diversify access to healthcare and forms of prescription by equipping doctors and nurses with lifesaving equipment for the required treatments. The nonprofit also offers support to areas affected by disasters, including hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and outbreaks. Direct Relief® operates one of the largest charitable healthcare programs in the country. Individuals can make one-time or recurring donations to places that need it the most. They can also select a particular cause to donate from the available dropdown on the donation page.

American Humane
American Humane is a suitable charity for those who want their funds to be directed to animal welfare. The nonprofit focuses on ensuring the well-being, safety, and welfare of small and big animals. Individuals can make a tax-deductible donation that helps the organization rescue animals stuck or stranded by hurricanes, floods, and other disasters. American Humane also works towards reuniting retired military dogs with handlers, preventing and stopping cruelty in puppy mills, and nurturing K-9s with appropriate healthcare. The nonprofit organization has also started the Humane Hollywood™ program, which included initiatives like monitoring animals in filmed media and awarding the “No Animals Were Harmed”® end-credit certification and PAWSCARS Awards. American Humane works with National Ambassadors and celebrity judges who help build awareness towards animal welfare causes.

Cancer Research Institute™
Cancer destroys individuals’ lives each day, making it all the more important that breakthrough research helps us defeat the disease. The Cancer Research Institute utilizes donations to fund programs, including training for emerging cancer researchers, public education initiatives, and clinical research. Furthermore, the funds are directed to studies that power research and development of suitable immunotherapies for various cancers. On the donation page, one can choose whether to make a one-time or monthly donation in several ways. They can also pick if they wish to direct money toward the research of all cancers or a specific type. Moreover, individuals can donate a car and receive a receipt at the time of pick-up. The NGO also issues a tax-deduction slip at the end of the tax year.

Alzheimer’s Association®
The Alzheimer’s Association works with ethical companies, organizations, and individuals who work towards finding a sustainable cure for the condition and other forms of dementia. The organization’s objective is to provide care and support to those with Alzheimer’s. The nonprofit also works towards educating and raising awareness among the general public by creating online and offline educational programs. The organization has invested over $310 million in more than 950 active best-of-field projects across 45 countries. A few initiatives include funding scientific investigations and holding virtual and in-person scientific meetings for researchers in the field of dementia to learn and create a larger network. There are multiple programs to which one can donate, such as Planned Giving or Workplace Giving programs. In addition, one can organize a fundraising initiative under the Do Good to End ALZ program to collect funds for the care, research, and care of patients with the condition.

National Council On Aging
About one in three older adults in the country fall short of economic security. That’s where the National Council On Aging comes in. The organization offers several resources on its website to help individuals learn about the obstacles one faces as a senior citizen and offers tips to work around those struggles. The NCOA also helps older individuals with payments for healthy food, utilities, prescriptions, and other treatments. One can make donations via the online portal, through the mail, give with a donor-advised fund, or leave a legacy gift. The National Council On Aging has a mission to improve the lives of about 40 million older adults by 2030.