Things to know about teeth whitening Health

Things to know about teeth whitening

Managing a set of clean white teeth can be difficult. But with teeth whitening products, you can lighten yellow or discolored teeth. This procedure can be a quick, effective, and inexpensive way to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening can be done with or without using bleaching agents. The products with bleaching agents contain peroxide in the form of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which effectively eliminate both surfaces and deep stains present on the tooth.

Types of teeth whitening procedures
Some of the teeth whitening treatments that are available are as follows:

  • In-office treatments
    This procedure involves visiting your dentist to get white teeth in a short period. In this procedure, the dentist uses a bleaching solution that contains an active ingredient such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to brighten teeth. Furthermore, the doctor may also use light or heat to speed up the process and achieve more effective results. The procedure takes only about half an hour and can make teeth appear two or three shades lighter in just a single sitting.
  • At-home bleaching under the guidance of a dentist
    Teeth whitening procedures can also be done in the comfort of your home. In this option, the dentist would provide you with a personalized tray to carry out the teeth whitening procedure in your home. Additionally, the dentist would also give you the necessary instructions as to its usage, including the length of time it needs to be applied for effective results.
  • Over-the-counter teeth bleaching options
    There are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening products that are also available. These can also be easily used at home at your convenience. You can get whitening gels (containing peroxide) which can be directly applied to the surface of the teeth with a small brush. The procedure requires following instructions on the pack to achieve visible results. You can also get whitening strips. These are thin and transparent strips covered with peroxide and whitening gel. You need to follow the instructions that come along with these strips for the best results. Also available are whitening toothpaste and whitening rinses that help in the removal of stains and brightening teeth.

The cost of teeth whitening treatments varies depending on the option chosen. However, the over-the-counter options are less costly than the treatments at a dentist’s clinic.

Things to know before opting for teeth whitening procedures

Removing stains requires time
The process of stain removal is not fast and may require applying teeth whitening products for months to remove deeply embedded stains.

It is not meant for everyone
Teeth whitening procedures carried out by a professional are the best and give the most effective results. Before undertaking any procedure, the dentist will discuss the patient’s medical history and perform some tests before starting the procedure to rule out any dental issues or gum-related problems. This is important as patients undergoing orthodontic treatments, breastfeeding or pregnant, are advised to refrain from undertaking any kind of t
eeth whitening procedure. Also, these procedures should not be performed on children below the age of 16 years.

Teeth whitening and safety
The process of whitening teeth involves the use of peroxide-based products. These agents, when applied by a professional, are very safe. Therefore, it is important to follow all instructions given by the dentist to avoid any kind of risk to the teeth.

Possible tooth sensitivity post-treatment
After the teeth whitening procedure, patients may suffer from increased sensitivity due to the dehydration of the tooth. However, this sensitivity doesn’t last long, and you would recover in 48 hours.