Tanning beds – Types, accessories and tips to follow Business and services

Tanning beds – Types, accessories and tips to follow

Sun lamps and tanning beds have been popular among the youth over a few decades. A tanning bed produces ultraviolet rays to provide individuals with a tan (make their skin darker) for a period of time. The devices promise customers a bronzed body throughout the year. However, these devices can induce burns or cause skin-related problems if used for an extended period. 

What is spray tanning?
Spray tanning is a type of solar tanning in which a fine mist is applied to your body. This water contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical ingredient that reacts with the skin cells to produce an artificial suntan. This effect typically lasts for a week (depending on the quality) and is harmless to your skin.

Types of tanning beds
When it comes to tanning beds, there are only three kinds.

  • Low-pressure tanning beds
    Compared to other tanning beds, these beds release more UVB and fewer UVA rays. The UVB rays are helpful because they help the epidermis produce vitamin D, but they can cause sunburn if used incorrectly.
  • Medium-pressure tanning beds
    These types of tanning beds use medium-pressure bulbs to create a deeper brown effect on the body than low-pressure beds, but they are not as powerful as their high-pressure counterparts.
  • High-pressure tanning beds
    High-pressure tanning booths produce UVB and UVA in different ratios. The UVB content is as little as 1–2%, while the UVA rays are in a higher percentage, resulting in a quicker, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. The UVB rays help reduce the risk of burning and allow the skin to heal after the process. 

Tips to get a harmless tan
A safe and effective tanning procedure can be achieved with the right products and services. However, one needs to follow some tips to achieve results without harming the skin.

  • For beginners, start the procedure with a short time period. The difference may not be noticed in the first few sessions. In contrast, if one takes more than 10 minutes, the skin may react since it is not accustomed to the increased radiation, which increases the risk of burning.
  • Tanning with clothes on can leave tan marks that are difficult to conceal. Therefore, it is advised to put on undergarments or a swimsuit. It also protects sensitive areas from the projection of UVA/UVB rays.
  • Try to use a salt scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin. This will help one get a good tan faster in the next session.
  • Apply tanning oil all over your body is essential. Avoid sunblock, as sunscreen protects the epidermis from UV rays and keeps it from altering color. Tanning lotion improves the odds of getting a rich brown tan by increasing blood flow to the epidermis. Consult with a tanning service representative for a moisturizer that can help aid the process of tanning without harming the skin.

Tanning accessories
Certain criteria must be met for a spray tan session to be a huge success. These requirements include hiring well-trained, experienced staff with the finest spray tanning equipment.

  • Spray tan system
    The primary tool used for spray tanning clients is a spray tanning system. This tanning bed parts consists of a primary body that is a turbine, a mist applicator, and a flexible tube that distributes the spray tanning solution in the form of a mist.
  • Solutions in a variety of colors or brands
    A salon requires spray tan materials, such as spray tan solutions, in various colors and hues to accommodate every customer, regardless of skin type or tone
  • Barrier creams
    Barrier lotions are another essential spray-tan product to get the best tan. A barrier cream’s goal is to prevent the over-absorption of DHA from the spray tan solution, preventing darkened nails, elbows, and other dry areas. In addition, it prevents the customers’ hands and feet from turning brown and eliminates undesirable spray tan buildup in dry regions of the body. Some lotions include red tea, aloe vera, shea butter, and safflower oil, which help to smooth the face and combat free radicals.

One can look out for tanning bed services for installation. Many companies have an in-house installation & technical assistance team for tanning bed maintenance and a field team of 60+ factory-trained certified technicians to assist the in-house team as needed. These companies have their collection of delivery vehicles with liftgates for cost-effective and timely deliveries.