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Sofa types, styling, and maintenance tips

Whether you need a single sofa or a corner suite; leather or fabric; modern or traditional, there are plenty of sofas and matching accessories to suit any interior style. You can choose linen finishes for your sofas if you want the living room to have a more earthy, warm feeling, while leather or velvet is perfect for a royal touch. Then, all you need are some cushions or throws, and lounging has never been better.

Different types of sofas
There are many kinds of sofas, distinguished by the number of people they can seat and their design. Here are a few popular sofa designs to check out:

A sectional sofa
The sectional sofa is composed of multiple pieces, typically three or five. It can be configured in various ways, with more pieces allowing for more possibilities. The pieces should preferably come with connectors that would keep them together. Standard configurations are L-shaped and U-shaped.

Mid-century modern
The minimalist sofa is characterized by its clean lines and thoughtful design. Although it may provide little comfort, this furniture can look stunning when integrated into the right home aesthetic.

The Bridgewater sofa is a traditional design featuring slightly-rolled arms lower than the back of the sofa. Given the need for comfortable and conventional seating, the Bridgewater-style sofa remains a staple piece; however, its level of popularity has declined since its peak.

Lawson-style sofa
This sofa style is designed to provide maximum comfort by including pillows independent from the frame. This feature creates a softer, more cushioned sofa with large cushions not fixed within the frame. The Lawson-style sofa continues to be available in various sizes, colors, and materials. Not only does it offer extreme comfort, but it also allows for further customization through the ability to move the pillows around.

Is sofa repair worth the money it costs?
Reupholstering furniture is advised when the frame is not broken or damaged, as it supports local workroom professionals and prevents wasting items that you can still use. It plays a vital role in sustainable living, given that it is more environmentally friendly than buying new furniture whenever the fabric is worn out or has seen better days. When considering reupholstering sofas and sofa accessories, one should evaluate the space it will inhabit.

How can you choose the perfect sofa design?
Given the wide range of possibilities on the market, selecting the ideal sofa design or sofa accessories might be difficult. Yet, the following advice can help you choose the ideal sofa design for your room and personal taste:

Before deciding on the ideal sofa style, consider your lifestyle and what you desire from a sofa. A sectional may be optimal if a large family is involved. Stain-resistant performance fabric upholstery would be advantageous if young children or house pets were in your home. If comfort and relaxation are paramount, motion sofas styles with reclining features may be worth considering.

The sofa cannot dominate the room and neither should it get scuffed while being moved through the doorways. Measure the size of the room, front door or small stairwell landing spaces before settling on a piece.

Upholstery types
When selecting upholstery fabric or leather type, one must consider one’s lifestyle. As previously stated, having pets or small children determines the fabric selection. It is also imperative to assess the upkeep advice while choosing any upholstery.

Sofa accessories
One can buy various add-ons to accentuate their sofa sets. Some must-buy sofa accessories are:

Sofa cover
Sofa covers are a great, inexpensive way to protect and decorate your furniture. The removable accessory comes in different styles and colors, is easy to install, and possibly even waterproof!

Cushions and wraps
These items provide some much needed depth and dimension to sofas. They can offer a contrasting look, warmth, and comfort to a beloved piece of furniture.

Top sofa cleaning tips
Aside from being careful, one can make a note of various cleaning tips and tricks to keep their sofa as good as new even after years.

To keep your sofa in optimal condition, vacuum the surfaces weekly to remove dust, crumbs, dirt, and pet hair.
Spot and clean any spills or areas that require attention using a mild detergent mixed with water and applied in small amounts with a soft cloth.
Invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner for more thorough deep cleaning options, or visit a professional cleaner if the job is beyond your capabilities.
Opt for slipcovers or machine-washable covers to make regular sofa cleanings easier.