Budget-friendly mobile data plans to choose from Cell Phones

Budget-friendly mobile data plans to choose from

If you wish to reduce your monthly expense, cutting down on your monthly mobile bill can be a good place to start, especially if you spend a lot of time browsing the internet. There are several mobile data plans are available in the market. If you do not use a lot of data during a month and still end up paying a hefty amount for it, it is probably time for you to switch to a more suitable plan.

Accordingly, here are the best budget-friendly mobile data plans that you can choose in 2021.

  • Mint Mobile
    If you wish to get access to an unlimited data plan at the lowest price possible, Mint Mobile should be your go-to company. The cost of its unlimited data plan can go down to $30 per month. Despite such a slow price, you will still get 5G connectivity and there will be no limitations on the speed. The usage is unlimited and the video quality will not be hampered. The only downside is that this $30 -plan is only valid for 3 months. Post that, you will have to enter a 12-month contract with the company to continue using the plan at this rate.
  • Verizon
    Not as cheap as Mint Mobile, but Verizon also offers a budget-friendly plan. Its Play More plan will cost you $80 per month and it will be one of the most feature-loaded plans that you will find out there. It gives 5G connectivity in addition to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ subscriptions. That’s not all. The plan also includes LTE hotspot data of 15GB. Plus, the company provides Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade for 12 months for gaming. The speed and coverage of Verizon are always an add-on. All of this together makes this one of the best mobile data plans that you can consider.
  • Visible
    At $40 a month, this one comes close to the affordable mobile data plans offered by Mint Mobile. In addition to that, it also offers unlimited options which are an add-on. With Visible’s plan, you get access to 5G data and it uses the speed and coverage of Verizon, which is an added benefit. It offers unlimited hotspots and there are no limits on LTE speeds. They are offering 5G speed at 200Mbps currently. The unlimited plan by Visible also offers a Party Pay setup. This helps you bring down your monthly phone even further if you add your family or friends to your plan. The contracts will be separate and each member will get their bills. With this option, you can bring down your monthly bill to $25 a month.
  • T-Mobile
    There are several benefits that you can avail yourself with the mobile data plan of T-Mobile. At $70 per month, you will be offered LTE hotspot data worth 5GB and 100 GB of priority data. Using 3G speed, you also get unlimited data for hotspots. You might not find as many features as Verizon in T-Mobile, but this one is a more economic plan and can might give you the better value.
  • Xfinity Mobile
    For people already availing the internet service from Comcast, the country’s largest ISP, you must consider clubbing your phone service from Xfinity mobile. For a single line with unlimited data, you will have to pay $45 a month. The best part about this plan is that when you know you do not need unlimited data, you can always switch to By the Gig data. You can further reduce your monthly budget to $30 when you purchase four lines from Xfinity Mobile. The network is one of the most reliable ones in the country and you can get 5G connectivity without paying any extra cost.