Bathroom remodeling services – Factors to consider and top 3 picks Home & Garden

Bathroom remodeling services – Factors to consider and top 3 picks

When one thinks of bathroom renovation or remodeling, two images come to mind: the first is that of a flawless, clean, and gleaming bathroom, and the second is of an incomplete, disheveled-looking room. At different points in a bathroom remodeling project, both images can become a reality. So, one should research what goes into remodeling a room to understand what to expect. Further, shortlisting the best remodeling services can help one save money and time.

Things to consider
Before looking up bathroom remodeling services, one should evaluate their requirements and what they want in their bathroom. So, here are a few other things to consider before a bathroom remodel:

Level of remodeling: The first thing to consider is the final product one wants. If one has a picture of the kind of bathroom they want, they must communicate with the professionals before starting the process. Depending on one’s requirements, the market offers four different levels of bathroom remodeling:

Surface-level remodel

Gut and replace

Change in layout

Changing the bathroom entirely

Cost: The cost of bathroom remodeling services tends to vary greatly depending on the complexity and type of the remodeling project. So, it is better to set a budget before shortlisting top professionals. Additionally, customers must be ready to stretch their budget for a potential increase in the cost depending on the change in project scope and the number of subcontractors. So, it is essential to understand the prices by comparing quotes from different contractors. A remodel can cost anywhere from $15,000–$30,000, depending on the extent of home improvement.

Speed: Even though bathroom remodeling service providers work toward a pre-established deadline, many factors may affect the speed of their work. These include:

Work hours

Milestones set by the contractor

Reliability of the professionals


Remodeling work

Resolution methods

Expertise: The level of expertise can vary depending on the company or contractor you choose. Based on their area and skill level, Bathroom Remodelers can be grouped into two categories:

The first type is a general remodeler who knows a little bit about all aspects of remodeling, deals with the project from start to finish, and hires and manages subcontractors. The second type is specialty remodelers, wherein companies use contractors with expertise in plumbing, electrical, and other areas, and no subcontractors are hired as customers are provided with all-in-one service packages.

Insurance: A good bathroom remodeling service company offers insurance to cover potential accidents and issues that may pop up during the remodel. The main kinds of insurance that professionals should have are:

Homeowner’s insurance protection

Contractor coverage/liability insurance

A bond to ensure that all the work has been completed within the deadline

Top 3 bathroom remodeling services

HomeAdvisor Powered by Angi: The notable company is known for connecting renters and homeowners with home improvement specialists free of cost. Home improvement jobs, on average, cost $120–$6000, while bathroom remodeling can cost over $10,000. It also offers a damage protection guarantee of up to $500,000.

Granite transformations: As a full-service remodeling company for businesses and homes, Granite Transformations offers production facilities in over 50 countries. Its average labor cost varies between $100 to $130 per square foot.

Rebath: This company offers complete remodeling solutions. One can get a free consultation on the Rebath website to determine the cost.