6 types of senior living facilities Seniors

6 types of senior living facilities

If you are looking for facilities and living options for seniors, there’s a wide range of options out there. These senior care facilities are great because there are different ones based on your needs and the kind of care and living style you want. Before selecting one type of facility, make sure you have considered all your requirements, medical needs, and expectations from the place. Some common types of senior living facilities are described as follows.

Independent living
This type of living facility is great for those who do not need any special medical or personal care and can manage their day-to-day activities independently. Such seniors can either choose to stay in their own home and work with home health care professionals wherever they need assistance or choose to live in an independent living facility where they share their common spaces with other seniors who may share similar interests.

Assisted living
Assisted living facilities are for those that need a little assistance with their personal care and everyday chores. These may include activities such as cooking, bathing, and other basic nursing services that are sourced from an outside agency. This facility is not for those that need regular medical attention. Seniors living in such facilities are provided with private or semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms, regular meals, housekeeping, laundry, and other recreational and exercise-related activities.

Memory care
This is a specific type of senior living facility that caters only to those who have dementia due to certain health conditions. Such memory loss or dementia may be caused by a traumatic brain injury, a damaged vascular system in the brain, or even Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care facilities are staffed with a larger number of people who have experience dealing with dementia patients. You can also find separate memory care wings in larger senior living facilities that offer different living situations instead of specializing in just one type. Most memory care facilities are equipped with additional security measures such as motion sensors, emergency call buttons, and camouflaged exits to ensure the safety of all the residents.

Skilled nursing facility
A skilled nursing facility is recommended to those who require medical care regularly and can not look after themselves without help. Such skilled nursing facilities can be hired for either short-term or long-term needs based on the kind of medical care required. In such facilities, doctors, registered nurses, and therapists are required to be on the premises at all times, and a licensed physician looks over the care of each patient. In addition to medical care, the patient’s everyday needs such as bathing, eating, laundry, and housekeeping are also looked after by the facility’s staff.

People diagnosed with a terminal illness are often required to go to a hospice living facility. In such facilities, people get to enjoy the remainder of their lives without having to worry about everyday chores. They can focus solely on their emotional and spiritual wellbeing in addition to their physical health. Hospice care can be availed in a nursing home or even in the person’s own home if they wish. If one wants to opt for hospice care at home, they need to make some adjustments in their house to make it easier for them to go about their daily lives. They may also require a full-time nurse depending on how far along they are in their illness and how much they can do on their own.

Retirement community
Certain retirement communities offer individual or shared living spaces for people over 55 years of age. Such age-restricted communities can help individuals be more comfortable in their surroundings and encourage them to make friends and socialize. The amount of assistance that such individuals may require with personal care or physical wellbeing may vary. Based on these requirements, they can select from a variety of packages and services to support themselves. Since such living facilities help individuals be secluded from the outside world, they can lead carefree and stress-free lives with people of their generation.