6 best customer review management systems Business & Services

6 best customer review management systems

In today’s world, the reputation of a business plays a significant role in its success because consumers opt for businesses they can trust. Statistics show that around 88% of customers trust reviews as much as recommendations. Hence the usage of customer review management software has become extremely crucial. This article elaborates on some of the best customer review management software used by millions of businesses and highlights their benefits and key features.

Best customer review management software
A five-star review can help a business broaden its customer base. With the help of customer review management software, companies can manage, collect, and even showcase their customer reviews, making it easier for them to attract new customers. Here is a list of some of the popular customer review software.

This customer review management software helps turn customer reviews into a competitive advantage. It directs the customers to all the top review sites to share their experiences and feedback. Furthermore, it assists business managers in accessing all the reviews across locations and sources in a single dashboard. It also aids in creating surveys that may help businesses receive real-time feedback and better understand their customers.

A cloud-based customer review management software, Grade.us offers the automation of customer review management. In addition, it also allows administrators to create drip marketing campaigns, collect feedback, manage multiple channels, and gather social proof. Further, it also allows the usage of review reporting tools to track recently published reviews across social media platforms.

This software’s primary motive may be to assist in content marketing for e-commerce businesses, but it also aids them in generating referrals and feedback. Furthermore, this software can also be used to collect reviews using SMS channels and emails. This tool also has a reporting and analytics module, which provides a detailed insight into customer sentiment and helps manage the impact of reviews on conversion rates.

This customer review management software helps businesses manage customer interactions, share reviews, track feedback, manage business listings and even send review invitations. Additionally, this centralized platform can also be used to configure rules to send review invitations. Using this tool and its built-in analytics, the ad

ministrator can also receive essential insights into customer feedback. The ability to share reviews on social media and insert star ratings in organic searches is also a huge plus.

This brilliant software includes easy-to-use tools to enhance a business’s customer experience and provide aid with local SEO. Furthermore, one of the core features of this tool is online customer review management which encourages customers to offer their feedback on a product/service offered by the company. This tool also includes features such as SMS marketing, payment processing, and webchat. It also helps facilitate personalized text conversations and customize review-gathering campaigns.

As a cloud-based customer review management software, LocalClarity aids multi-location businesses in building relationships in the form of direct review responses. Further, it helps the business gain insights into customer feedback trends and drives additional local traffic. Moreover, it also has programs available for businesses with 10 to 10,000 locations, making it possible to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Every business is different, and so is its customer base. Companies must keep their reputation in mind when trying to increase the customer base and adopt customer review management systems to ensure steady growth.